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Nissan Sets GT 2012 specific plans

发表者 ddgg 5/20/08

Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosn has laid out some specific plans for the future, and among them is the launch of an electric vehicle (EV) in the USA and Japan by 2010. This electric car will be based on the new Nissan Cube which will be launched with a regular fossil fuel powered engine by next year, but may not necessarily be called that. The Cube was previewed at the New York Auto Show as the Denki Cube Concept car and was recently briefly shown to the press present at the Nissan GT 2012 event, of which there is a mobile phone photo.

Today news comes from Nissan and NEC that their joint-venture AESC, or Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, has gone into full production of their advanced lithium-ion batteries. The first of these batteries will find their way into Nissan's forklifts before powering Nissan's 2010 Electric Vehicle. By 2012 Nissan hopes to market its EV globally and by that time the new manufacturing plant for AESC will be finished at Nissan's Zama facility in Japan.

Besides supplying batteries for hybrids and EV's for themselves, the joint-venture will also cater to the needs of other manufacturers and industries. Production capacity is estimated at 65,000 units annually with 13,000 in its first year alone.
Source: Nissan

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